It’s Time to Start Feeling Better

You seem to be a woman who has her life together, but you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and unhappy. No one knows, because you aren’t comfortable talking about how you feel.

It takes courage to take this first step. If you are ready to feel good or at least a little better than you are now, let’s get started. I’ve helped other women like you get from where they are to where they want to be. It’s hard, but it’s possible. And it it is important to have a trusted companion with the experience and knowledge to help, especially one who has been there and who gets it.

I Can Help With...

Counseling Services: Anxiety

Counseling Services: Depression

Counseling Services: Grief & Loss

Counseling Services: Parenting

What People Say About My Work

As a fellow therapist, I am so impressed with how warmly and kindly Anna supports people. Even when she’s challenging something you’re really rooted into it feels gentle somehow. I think of her like a velvet brick. She’s solid inside and helps you find that in yourself. But she’s never pushy and never judgmental.

-Allison Puryear, Founder of Abundance Practice

I highly recommend Anna Bradshaw. She is a wise soul, who creates a space of deep listening and care. Through her guidance and support, I have often been able to recognize some of the most hidden parts of my thinking and motivations.

-Mary Lea Crawley

Anna Bradshaw, LCSW, provides a safe, supportive professional relationship with her clients, helping them manage life’s transitions, resolve painful emotions, improve relationships, and make positive changes.

-Hillary Albert, LCSW

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