Counseling Services: Anxiety

Anxiety is Common

Being anxious doesn’t mean you’re crazy or broken. You’re in good company because anxiety is the most diagnosed emotional illness. Successful, brave, intelligent people have anxiety.

Anxiety Feels Like…

  • Being fast asleep and violently waking up because your heart is pounding.
  • Stomachaches. Headaches. Muscle aches. Breaking out in a rash for no reason.
  • What if? What if? What if?
  • Needing reassurance – What’s wrong? Are we okay? Am I okay?
  • Feeling on edge, irritable and snapping at the smallest annoyance?
  • Tears out of nowhere
  • Questioning things you know are true. Your beliefs. Your existence.

Therapy Can Help

If you relate to these symptoms and they are interfering with your life, therapy can help you not only learn skills to better manage these symptoms, but also overcome those troublesome thoughts and worries that are disrupting your life. You do not have to feel at the mercy of your racing thoughts and physical symptoms. Contact Anna Bradshaw today to take the next step towards feeling better.